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Birdies Restaurant > Rating & Reviews > Watch out for the bait and switch
"Watch out for the bait and switch"
Rating and Review for Birdies Restaurant by Phillip on 07/17/2011

I would never go back. Went in today 3 parties of 4 each. Each party had a coupon, we pulled tables together so we didn't have to yell and because we did they would only honor one coupon. We ordered and asked to speak to the manager. He didn't come out for almost 20 minutes. He said no way, one coupon because we were only one party because we had pulled the tables together. Asked for the check for our sodas said we would go elsewhere because the coupon does say good for one table/party. We were three parties. Waitress brought the check and was quite rude about the situation. Sorry Birdies, but we will never eat there again. Not because of the policy, but because of the rudeness. Also, if you are a large party, be sure to check your bill carefully. There were 14 of us and they put us down as 15. The register rings up a mandatory 15% gratuity on all parties of 15 or larger.  Even though you are on 3 seperate checks they can inflate the number of people in the party to get their mandatory gratuity.  Be sure to check you are not tipping twice.
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Sunday, 07/17/2011
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$10 - $20
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on 07/17/2011

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